Most Proceeds Returned To Your Favorite University!

Sip & Support

FanPours is Your Exclusive Provider of The UNI Panthers Hard Cider Club


Made with purpose

The UNI Panthers Hard Cider Club engages and empowers great fans and supporters of UNI to enjoy excellent hard cider while supporting your team throughout the year! 


More than half the proceeds are returned to UNI and UNI Student Athletes!


Shipments are made in March, May, Sep/Oct and Nov/Dec.


We ship to nearly all 50 States (not MS, NH and UT).

Branded labels

Our hard cider club will feature the main mark of your favorite team - UNI! Not only will the cider taste fantastic, but your pride for UNI will show through to all!



Direct from apple country

Each one of our wines are crafted on a family orchard from the heart of U.S. apple country, Washington. The hard cider varietals will change throughout the year but will boast great hard cider in each shipment!