CCNY Alumni Wine Club

CCNY Alumni Association wine bottles

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The Official Wine Club of the City College of New York Alumni Association!

Become a CCNY Alumni Wine Club member and enjoy quarterly shipments of an exceptional lineup of award-winning California red and white wines that support the CCNY Alumni Association.

Each varietal will have a custom CCNY Alumni Wine Club label made each quarter. No two shipments will ever have the same label!


Memberships are 4, 6 or 12 Bottles per quarterly shipment. Choose Your Varietal: Red, White or both (both available in 12 bottle only). Ships to 45 states.

Wine to be supplied from our wine partner in the heart of California wine country near Lodi, CA.

Card Processing Dates: Mar. 1, May 1, Aug. 1, Nov. 1

Shipment Dates: Mar. 10-15, May 10-15, Aug. 10-15, Nov 10-15

      First Shipment features beautiful line art articulating the structural prowess that is Shepard Hall!